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Christmas in July- Why not get your skis and snowboards now!

Christmas in July—Why not prepare for your ski trips in July?

While most of the country is enduring sweltering heat, the last thing on most people’s mind is hitting the slopes.  Many of you take that winter trip to Colorado, Utah, Oregon or New Mexico to enjoy winter activities.  Some of you probably already have reservations at your favorite lodge or cabin.  Those who own skis or snowboards, did you do an after-season tune-up on your gear?  Light sand the edges and oil the skis or snowboard? Contact us if you have any questions.  Anyhow, you can go to our website, and get 10% off skis and snowboards from one of the premier, hand-made board companies out of Oregon, Deviation Works.  Place your order now to ensure you will get the equipment you need in time to hit the slopes, and with every purchase we will offer 15% off your post winter tune-up on either skis or snowboards.