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Taking Time to Think

Taking time to Think and Reflect in a busy, Multi-Tasking World

In the recent past, I started out most mornings with a cup of coffee in my hand and a to-do list running around in my head.  Then I scratched out some must-do items on a sheet of paper, looked at a partially filled out calendar, and brought up my computer.   I glanced at my list, wondering what I forgot to write down.  Then un-anticipated phone calls and emails started coming in and my day was off and running.  Occasionally I did sit down the night before, plan my next day and even filled out my most important to-do items in a time slot on my calendar.  That wasn’t the norm, however.

I felt overwhelmed most of the time, with what I perceived as way too much to do and not enough time in the day to get things done.  What seemed counter-intuitive at the time, I decided to take 30 minutes a day to not do anything except sit down with a notebook and just think.  I tried it at my desk, but I couldn’t keep away from my phone and computer.  So, I went outside on my patio where I could look at the garden and trees with no phone or computer.  It wasn’t easy at first to just sit and think as my thoughts of “I should be doing something”, kept running around in my head.  I did this every weekday for about 2 weeks and at the end of the 2 weeks it became a must-do habit for me.  I would get my planning for the next day done which has made a huge difference in my life. 

 Looking at nature has always brought me peace.   In a fairly small area, we have created a natural sanctuary in our backyard to go and get a few minutes of peace in this chaotic world.  Obviously weather may throw a wrench in my routine occasionally, but I will still take the time, sit by a window and look out to my place of peace.