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BKC PK14TM Tandem Kayak with Trolling Motor
BKC PK14TM Tandem Kayak with Trolling Motor
BKC PK14TM Tandem Kayak with Trolling Motor

BKC PK14TM Tandem Kayak with Trolling Motor

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    We are offering the same superior design and stability of our BKC PK14 Angler 14-foot Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak - with a trolling motor!

    • Room for Two: The spacious 14-foot hull provides plenty of space for a pair of paddlers and has a stunning 670-pound total weight capacity
    • Easy Cruising: The built-in trolling motor makes cruising effortless, while a hand-operated rudder makes control precise and responsive
    • Cargo Capacity: Not only can the PK14 kayak take the weight, but it can store your stuff in a pair of sealed hatches or in a rear cargo recess
    • Superior Stability: The 14-foot long, 34-inch wide hull creates a platform so stable you can stand for casting and that won’t tip even in rough water

    Shared memories are always the best. That’s why we’re so happy with this two-person kayak that was designed with fun and adventure in mind. So grab a buddy, hop atop the BKC PK14 tandem kayak, and head out for on the water whether that water is a lazy river, a choppy bay, a languid lake, or whitecaps on the open sea. Whether you kayak to fish, for exercise, for travel, or of course just for fun, you’ll be doing it right on this large and in charge vessel from the Brooklyn Kayak Company.

    The 14-foot hull weighs in at 103 pounds and in the water it’s stable and balanced even in currents and chop. The built-in trolling motor makes for easy cruising at speed or for slower going when you are on the hunt for fish. The hand-operated rudder will see you steering your yak with precision and ease.

    The PK14 tandem kayak features conveniences like dual built in storage hatches, cupholders, fishing rod holders, and those padded, ergonomic seats that keep you raised up off the hull and thus drier and can be custom adjusted for maximum paddler comfort. A rear cargo area offers some additional storage space, and scupper holes allow any water that makes its way aboard to exit with haste.

    Out of the water, four different handles make transporting this large kayak easier, especially with a kayak cart, while in the water its amazing 670 total weight capacity means the BKC PK14 Twin Angler can handle paddlers of just about any size and still accommodate plenty of gear weight. Accessory attachment point mean it can also accommodate some customization should you want to add your own gear.