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OMH Vietnam Traditional Wooden Boat K207

OMH Vietnam Traditional Wooden Boat K207

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    This functional Vietnam traditional wooden dinghy is based on the structure of the type of canoe assembled by three boards. It includes two beech boards and a bottom board. To harden the boat, we use the "curved" style to form a frame similar to the ribs of the fish. This curved design is responsible for tightening the boat body, to resist the pressure of water from outside, and at the same time keeping the boat board tight, preventing the boat from deforming. Thanks to the same nose and steering on this dinghy, the flexibility to control the boat are much higher. If in other types of boats it will need to turn when they need to return, but with our dinghy, people just need to swap the seating position, and the nose will turn into a steering wheel and vice versa. This feature is also one of the advantages of a dinghy, it is especially meaningful when using the canoe where the roads are too narrow. As far as wooden boats go, this unique dinghy certainly makes its mark, transporting young and old into a realm of timeless enjoyment and fun. Features: * Dimension : 127”L x 36.25”W x 22”H inches * Weight: 113.5 lbs * Capacity: 2 people * Stainless steel hardware Bottom teal color